WeScan™ in Education & Childcare

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How WeScan™ Helps Schools and Daycare Facilities Protect Children

See How Schools and Daycare Facilities Help Protect Children with WeScan™;

Providing care and education for children is rewarding, but it comes with challenges. Whether you are a school or a daycare facility, parents have trusted their precious little ones to your care, and you want to make sure they stay safe and healthy all year round.

But kids are prone to both getting and spreading diseases, especially during the winter flu season. And with parents, vendors, and staff coming in and out all day, it’s hard to keep contagious illnesses out of the reach of the kids you care for. Fever is the most reliable indicator of contagiousness but checking everyone individually could be a big logistical headache.

That is, until now with the help of the WeScan™;. It’s a self-service, hands-free body temperature monitoring kiosk that scans anyone before they enter your school or daycare.

Watch how WeScan protects students in school buses!

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Top Ways WeScan™ Helps Stop Infection Spread Before It Starts

#1 Identify potentially at-risk children, parents, and staff before they enter your school or daycare

By setting up the WeScan™ in your lobby, you can scan the body temperatures of anyone who enters and be alerted when an elevated temp is detected. This helps you to stop potentially contagious individuals before they carry an infection inside. Scanning takes only 3 seconds and if they have a temperature below the set alert threshold, an “I’m wello” sticker is printed so they can go about their learning or work without worry.

#2 Staff is notified of potential risk

If a child or parent arrives with a temperature above the threshold, the WeScan™ sends designated personnel (like your school nurse) an email alerting them that someone potentially contagious is trying to enter. The confidential alert allows staff to act or begin disease prevention protocols discreetly.

#3 Help reduce risk to staff and other children

Your skilled and dedicated staff spends their days caring for the children in your school or daycare. If a contagious child comes in one day and brings in the flu, the other children and your staff are at risk of infection. WeScan™ helps prevent a contagious outbreak that could keep your staff from doing their job with their full care and attention.

#4 Help keep your reputation safe

A school or daycare’s reputation rests in the health and safety of its children and staff. If they’re exposed to a contagious illness that could have been prevented, it can tarnish your reputation. WeScan™ is another tool in your bag to help prevent disease spread and shows parents, students, and staff that health and safety are of vital importance here.