WeScan™ for Law Enforcement

01. overview

Help Protect Your Staff and Your Inmates Automatically With WeScan™

Your staff is responsible for inmate intake, a risky proposition when you consider how little you truly know. With international travel, epidemics, and criminals in transit, preventing infection spread can become a challenge.

Stopping infection from spreading throughout your jail is key. The WeScan™ enables you to screen for elevated temperature before inmates enter and without the necessity of healthcare personnel. The self-service, hands-free screening kiosk instantly screens inmates upon intake.

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How WeScan Helps Stop Infection
Spread Before It Starts

#1 Hands-free, self-service body temperature detection

Placing the WeScan™ hands-free kiosk in your intake area or the courthouse enables you to screen inmate body temperature before encountering medical staff. In just three seconds, the WeScan™ kiosk reads body temperature. Inmates with elevated temperatures are identified on-screen. The hands-free kiosk reduces the risk of disease spread by forewarning medical workers of the potentially contagious inmate prior to exposure.

#2 Notify jail and healthcare personnel of potential health risks

If inmates with an elevated temperature are identified, the WeScan™ will immediately send a secure email containing the time and date stamped picture of the individual. By distinguishing these people, your healthcare team will be better prepared to isolate the inmate and take them to the hospital if necessary