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WeScan™ in the Media

The impact of WeScan™ in the workplace and high traffic areas is felt across a broad range of industries. From daycare centers and educational organizations, churches, city halls, courts, to jails, border patrol outfits, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, the ability to screen and protect against potential infections and illnesses is critical.

Today, WeScan™ helps address the need to control the spread of epidemics and pandemics by screening the source of infection, contagious humans. This helps reduce hospital acquired infections (and the additional costs of care), reduce sick time taken for businesses, and greatly reduce influenza risk in highly susceptible areas like the ICU. WeScan™ helps detect, identify, and notify personnel of potentially contagious people before they expose others.

The technology and team at WeScan have been featured in several news outlets already. Take a look below and imagine the impact the WeScan™ could have in your area!

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