WeScan™ for Businesses

How WeScan™ can protect Businesses

Our Temperature Screening Kiosk –WeScan is a non-contact kiosk designed to help prevent the spread of viruses and maintain a safe and healthy environment. WeScan accommodates those needs by acting as a first line of defense to your company’s health.

With infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, the non-contact kiosks helps to identify the presence of fever as a symptom of contagious illnesses such as coronavirus. By preventing the spread of viruses, you can maintain a safe and healthy workplace while providing peace-of-mind to anxious staff and visitors.

WeScan Helps Stop Infection Spread Before It Starts

#1 Identify people with an elevated temperature before they enter

Placing the WeScan™ hands-free kiosk at the entrance of every high-risk patient care department enables you to detect elevated temperature in visitors and vendors before they spread infection. In just three seconds, the self-service WeScan™ scans a person and determines their body temperature.

#2 Notify administrators of potential risks

When a person with an elevated body temperature is identified, the WeScan™ immediately sends a confidential email with a time and date stamped picture of the person to a staff member. Your team can start disease prevention protocols to protect employees and visitors..

#3 Help protect your reputation

When your employees or patients become infected as disease spreads within your environment, this can open the door to a brand-damaging scenario or a costly lawsuit. Help avoid these risks to your brand and your top line by instituting hands-free body temperature screening with WeScan™. Keep infection out and your staffs, visitors and brand healthy.