WeScan™ Empowers Healthcare

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How WeScan™ Empowers Healthcare Facilities To Help Prevent Infection Spread

The World Health Organization uses body temperature monitoring as a way to stop epidemics from occurring or continuing. This is because fever is the leading indicator of infection and best predictor of contagiousness.

That’s why we created WeScan™: a contact-less, self-service, temperature screening that device that helps alert you to people with temperatures elevated above the threshold before they enter and can spread disease to highly susceptible patient populations.

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Top Ways WeScan Helps Stop Infection Spread Before It Starts

#1 Identify people with an elevated temperature before they enter

Placing the WeScan™ hands-free kiosk at the entrance of every high-risk patient care department enables you to detect elevated temperature in visitors and vendors before they spread infection. In just three seconds, the self-service WeScan™ scans a person and determines their body temperature.

#2 Notify healthcare personnel of potential risks

When a person with an elevated body temperature is identified, the WeScan™ immediately sends a confidential email with a time and date stamped picture of the person to a staff member. Your healthcare team can start disease prevention protocols to protect patients and coworkers.

#3 Help improve patient outcomes by going above and beyond standard of care

Adding the WeScan™ to your infection control protocols gives your healthcare facility access to the only self-service, hands-free temperature monitoring device. Now you know immediately who is potentially contagious and can discreetly enact your infection control protocols, which may help prevent hospital-acquired infections.

#4 Help reduce risks to healthcare professionals

Your healthcare workers are constantly at risk of exposure to contagious disease such as influenza, RSV, or Coronavirus. The WeScan™ can help protect your staff against disease spread by identifying people with elevated body temperatures before they encounter your staff.

#5 Help protect your reputation

When your employees or patients become infected as disease spreads within your hospital, this can open the door to a brand-damaging scenario or a costly lawsuit. Help avoid these risks to your brand and your top line by instituting hands-free body temperature screening with WeScan™. Keep infection out and your healthcare team, patients, and brand healthy.